You may be curious by (charisma, elegant, attentive and luxurious) how can you feel it??

Here is the ability of Arabian Oud its distinctiveness by interpreting those charming meanings into perfume, there is a deep inside dimension of fragrance that harmonizes with your personality and elegance that speaks your language, what is the fragrance and how it originated?

The perfume trade was well-known to the Arabs in the ninth and tenth centuries; they did not content themselves with the extract of the aromatic plants, but rather developed it. They mastered fields of use on their occasions, the year 1370 witnessed the first-time use of alcohol as a solvent, and then alcohol was developed to enter into the aromatic industries in 1450.

Today, the perfume market is considered one of the largest in the world, as well is witnessing an increasing growth.

The management of Arabian Oud had to go above the methodology of statistics, studies, and its legitimate ambition was to obtain the largest share in these markets and develop its branches and activities. Today, Arabian Oud is a pioneer company in this field where it interpreted the perfume different languages to elegant orient language understood by all those who love luxury and sophistication.