Beating heart, safe product

We believe that though maintaining real organic methods, we able to cultivate and take care of our crops are in extremely difficult and dangerous conditions, where oud hunters practice unwritten rituals that have been handed down from generation to generation to pick up their precious treasures, therefore, they shall not only be afraid, but they must understand the delicate balance between nature and the risks of excessive consumption to meet the insatiable demand that drives this global markets.
Herein is our task, we at Arab Peninsula have to protect nature, ensure trees’ live cycle for years to come in 2012
About 75000 of Oud trees were planted to ensure the required stability in the long run. Such strategy ensures clear perceptions, where know how is shared between the west/far east towards managing demand increase, ensure quality control to produce safe productions. Arabian Oud owned jungles of agarwood to harvest guaranteed production.