Daily Production

Over the few past decades, the company has achieved a noticeable presence in Arabian, Regional and International markets, to become one of the major specialized companies in Oriental perfumes based on the finest types of Oud, incense and natural oils in the world. The company set out globally on 2000, to occupy a leading position among the most prominent international specialized companies in perfume products manufacturing.
The work wheel in Arabian Oud factories revolves around the latest technical means used in producing perfumes in the world, in order to ensure the provision of luxury products with high quality standards and very balanced concentration percentages, where accurate systems are used instead of manual standards, which contributes to achieving the highest quality standards and reducing the percentage of errors to be nil.
With woman adding her special touch in our perfumes, women were able to deserve to work with a production capacity that exceeded 50,000 perfumes daily and they are exported from the women’s factory to all our local and international branches. With this female staff, Arabian Oud is proud to return its success.